BazeGear Glove Style Wrist Strap Mount


> Capture videos from a whole different angle (from the user's hand perspective),
> Comes in handy during video recording of vigorious sports, sky diving, or even music video recording,
> Gopro camera also able to face outwards or inwards during recording,
> Adjustable strap to fit all hand sizes,
> Comes with a mount to secure gopro camera tightly and securely


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BazeGear Glove Style Wrist Strap Mount


Now, get your videos taken from whole different angle altogether with the help of the BazeGear Glove Style Wrist Mount. As users are able to attach the glove mount to their hands, a more unique point of view is now achieved, giving viewers a perspective from the user's hand.

The Glove Style Wrist mount would come in handy during music video recording, sports, water sports or even sky diving. The glove mount is very comfortable when being worn and it fits almost any hand sizes thanks to its adjustable straps. The camera is also able to face outwards or inwards during video taking so users are able to adjust the camera when recording according to various circumstances without having to take out the wrist strap mount and manually face it the other way.

The Glove Style Wrist Strap mount can also be worn on the left or on the right hand according to desired angle of video taking. It is also made from high quality materials and the mount secures the gopro camera tightly on the glove strap so you need not have to worry about your gopro flying of somewhere during video recording.


> BazeGear Glove Style Wrist Strap Mount

Additional Info
Additional Info
Accessories Type GoPro Accessories
Brand BazeGear
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

BazeGear Glove Style Wrist Strap Mount.

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