Camera Review - Garmin VIRB XE Action Camera

Garmin VIRB XE Garmin VIRB XE

Garmin VIRB XE Action Camera Price: RM1,899.00 Special Price: RM1,650.00 Overview

The only action camera with speed detection,  distance travel, and elevation. Paired with Garmin's line of wearables, this product  is able to detect the heart-rate, aircraft altitude, water depth, temperature and much more to be an all rounder action camera with different uses either for diving,biking, skydiving or any outdoor usage.

In general, the layout and buttons are very easy to use. The is no need to change shooting modes from Video to Photo, just by flicking the dial forward, your video is recording.  With a built in case, the VIRB readily to be use in any environment compare to action cameras in its class.

Footage - 8/10

Subjectively, we found that the Virb XE had the most accurate color reproduction And was second in detail only to the GoPro. When shooting video, the VIRB does really well in low light.

Indoor Photo  Outdoor Photo  Highangle Photo

We think the VIRB has the best sound of any of the cameras tested even once you've taken the others out from their housings. It also recorded the most sound from all around it.

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Usability - 8/10

Not having a viewfinding LCD limits it, but the simplicity of the interface is outstanding. The fastest camera to start shooting video and the only camera you can reliably do so without looking at the camera, which makes it ideal for helmet mounting.

Because you only need to open the housing to replace the SD card and desiccant, it means you don't have to worry so much about keeping the camera lens clean, just the objective glass.

Accessories - 7/10

The VIRB XE had the most solid QD mount which make the camera the easiest to detach and work with. Also compatible with a wide range of GoPro accessories. But because of the unique design of the housing, lens filters for underwater photography need to be improvised, at least until the VIRB gets its own set of filters.

Value 8/10

Right now Garmin is the only company that offers a camera with GPS and accelerometer sensors and the software capable of integrating that easily and seamlessly with footage. Alongside its more than competent performance this gives the VIRB XE capability that no other action camera has, which we think is well worth considering for the core Action Camera Audience

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