Camera Review - AEE S70 Magicam Action Camera

AEE S70 Magicam AEE S70 Magicam

AEE S70 Magicam Action Camera Price: RM1,599.00 Special Price: RM600.00 Overview

Robust and rugged, The AAE S70 looks like an action camera built for military.  It has many switches and analog buttons on it for the user to easily toggle Video, Photo, WiFi , G-sensor and Metering mode. The downside is that these switches are not accessible through the dive housing, so users are best leaving them all on and using the top buttons to control the camera, which can get fiddly.

Despite it's modest price point and oversized build, the footage it shoots is pleasantly sharp but a touch overexposed.

Footage - 7/10

Has a tendency to overexpose the photos and video. Details are sharp and crisp but the bright areas of the image get washed out.

Indoor Photo  Outdoor Photo  Highangle Photo

Sound quality from the S70 is not great, seemingly picking up more high frequency sound than the other cameras tested.

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Usability - 7/10

Overall the interface on the camera is easy to understand and although not all the controls are accessible while the camera is in it's dive housing it is still easy to use. The obvious flaw is its bulkiness.

Accessories - 5/10

Comes with a handful of basic accessories but is handicapped by proprietary mount.

We do like how it comes with it's own LCD backpack and the appropriate backdoor for the dive housing and it comes with a unique microphone attachment that works through a sealed port on the dive housing.

Value 7/10

The Magicam has the most rugged housing we've ever seen, if you know your camera is going to get beat on this is the one to get. This is the camera for the utilitarian who needs to get usable footage out of a rough and tough situation.

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