Camera Review - Herogear Wifi Sports Action Camera with Remote

Herogear Wifi Sports Action Camera Herogear Wifi Sports Action Camera

Herogear Wifi Sports Action Camera Price: RM499.00 Special Price: RM200.00


The cheapest action camera in our lineup that surprisingly is able to capture 1440p at 30fps video. You get what you pay for, and perhaps a little bit more.

This camera doesn't have many modes, but this is the ideal camera for capturing spontaneous footage on a budget, where you might not be sure you want to go in the deep end of the action camera market or like a more expendable alternative to the GoPro you already have.

Footage - 6/10

The Herogear camera has over-saturated color and inferior details compared to the other cameras in the lineup but for the price still produces . Still, the fact it can shoot 1440p at 30fps is very noteworthy.

Indoor Photo  Outdoor Photo  Highangle Photo

Sound quality is OK. Softer than the other cameras with passable clarity. Again, for the price point this is acceptable.

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Usability - 6/10

Requires App to get into some of the settings but having an LCD makes it easy to set up shots. The interface is simple and benefits from having up and down navigation buttons. Better than average battery life.

Accessories - 6/10

Comes with an unexpectedly large number of accessories for the price and is still compatible with GoPro accessories! Even the housing lens is the same dimensions as the HERO4.

Value 8/10

Huge value given the price you pay for the camera. While it doesn't shoot the best pictures, what you get in the box overall will give every other camera run for it's money and is probably the only camera here that you could think of as sacrificial.

Overall Review Score: 6.5/10 Click here to check this camera out on Click here to return to the main article!

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