Camera Review - Original SJCAM SJ5000+ Action Camera


Original SJCAM SJ5000+ Action Camera Price: RM799.00 Special Price: RM620.00 Overview

With a 16.37MP on paper the image quality should be comparable to the GoPro HERO's action camera. But Practically the video output tends to vary. SJCAM has a well established following in its own right and a wealth of resources of how to get the best footage out of it's settings, of which there are plenty.

This is a camera that comes with a great number of accessories, an overall solid design and a high value for the price.

Footage - 7/10

While consistent with details, images tend to have high contrast and saturation. SJCAMs quality settings are very configurable but most people who aren't enthusiasts might not be happy with the camera's default settings, which will lose detail in the dark areas of high contrast shots.

Indoor Photo  Outdoor Photo  Highangle Photo

Sound quality of the SJCAM is mediocre and from the waveform we can tell it records sounds too loud, right at where the sound starts clipping.

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Usability - 7/10

The SJCAM's settings are easily manipulated throught the LCD and having up and down buttons prevent you from having to carousel around menus, though it's sometimes cryptic when exactly those buttons change behaviour to do things like toggle wifi.

Accessories - 6/10

The camera comes with a generous array of accessories and is compatible with anything that uses a standard GoPro mount.

Value 7/10

Long considered the best value camera you could get next to the GoPro, the SJCAM has a huge following and a tremendous amount of 3rd party support. The original high-value action camera.

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