Camera Review - Xiaomi Yi Xiaoyi Action Camera

Xiaomi Yi Xiaomi Yi

Xiaomi Yi Xiaoyi Action Camera Price: RM499.00 Special Price: RM298.00 Overview

An action camera without an LCD display but works perfectly fine when it's connected to your mobile. The image quality is stunning for its price range. At first glance the Xiaomi Yi may look like a toy, being small and cute yet it is a surprisingly capable camera.

Without the mobile app the camera itself can only switch Video and Photo mode, but with the app the user is able to configure the various modes such as timed shooting, burst and also playback photos and videos.

For image quality versus price, the Yi potentially gives the most bang for the buck.

Footage - 7/10

For the price the Yi gives an excellent image where its color neutrality of the Yi makes it very versatile in shooting in all conditions. It's also a sharp shooter.

Indoor Photo  Outdoor Photo  Highangle Photo

Sound quality is decent, but loses a little bit of the low end in recordings.

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Usability - 6/10

The Yi requires the App to change video and photo settings but the simplicity of the interface means there is little to go wrong once you understand it. It's main disadvantage is the dependency on your smartphone, the absence of which robs you the ability to do basic things like tell exactly how charged the battery is or how much space you have left on your memory card.

Accessories - 5/10

Doesn't come with any accessories, which is both a good and a bad thing, but once you purchase a dive housing opens the door to a huge range of GoPro compatible accessories.

Value 9/10

While it doesn't have any accessories with it that does mean that the user is only paying for what they want. From a price to image quality perspective, the Yi is the biggest bang for the buck.

Overall Review Score: 6.75/10 Click here to check this camera out on in Green Click here to return to the main article!

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