FAQ for RON (5th of July 2016)

FAQ for RON (5th of July 2016)


Q. What is the Warranty Period for RON and what does it cover?

A. RON comes with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturer warranty. We cover all manner of manufacturing defects out of the box and ensure that you get a working quadcopter and controller from the get-go. The Warranty does not cover damage to the drone, persons or environment in the event of a crash or loss of the drone due to flyaway. In using the RON the user agrees to be solely be liable for personal damages or in the event RON is used for illegitimate purposes.

Q. What is RON’s Flight Duration?

A. On a full charge, the RON can fly for 10 minutes. 


Q. What is the range of the RON?

A. 100 m from the controller in all directions. RON will fly further than this, but is highly dependant on the amount of electronic interference in the area you are flying. RON’s antenna is highly susceptible to interference from WiFi hotspots and Cell Phone Towers. If you feel that your RON is getting an intermittent signal from the controller it’s highly recommended you land and change your flight venue instead of risk a fly-away!


Q. How big is RON’s battery and how long does take to fully Charge?

A. 3.7V at 1000mAH. When completely depleted, RON’s battery will take 1 Hours to fully charge. 


Q. What am I getting for RM399?

A. For the price, you receive the RON drone and controller with 2x RON batteries, a full set of spare props with the necessary tools to service your quadcopter. RON’s capabilities include a fully featured app that allows FPV (first person view) flight, a real time live feed from RON’s camera and several different control methods to fly RON without even using the controller. Essentially, you get a little bit of everything associated with the Quadcopter Experience. Subjectively, we also think RON is the easiest drone to fly at this price point! :)


Q. How do I order a RON?

A. You can get a RON directly from us at  Cameralah.com


Q. Where can we get the spare parts for RON?

A. Spare parts aren’t yet available yet as an aftermarket purchase, but we are planning to offer them in the future, stay tuned and watch this space!




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