First Look : Removu R1 Live View Remote for GoPro

First Look : Removu R1 Live View Remote for GoPro

With the Removu being one of our latest items in store, it is no doubt we were eager to open the package up. To begin, the Removu is a wrist strapped Live View Remote which you can strap on anywhere on the human body (be it wrist or even ankle) or even turn into a lanyard and hung around one’s neck.

Inside the box, it comes with its own micro USB charging cable which you can plug into any USB port or wall charging adapter, it’s very own 1.2inch Velcro adjusted wrist strap, paperwork and four stickers.

The whole idea of the Removu is to have a remote with Live View together in one device as compared to the standard remote that comes with the Hero3 and Hero3+ Black Editions. Many out there will be thinking that this is just the same as using a smart phone that you have paired with the GoPro. Truth be told, it is. However, this remote device does come with the capability to be submerged in water for activities that involved water exposure such as kayaking, snorkelling, swimming and hiking through the jungle or even urban jungle as we are mostly surrounded by buildings.


If you’re not looking into taking your phone out under weather conditions that may harm your phone, the Removu would best take its place as it is probably more durable than most phones out there these days. On a side note although we have had reports of the Removu being taken for scuba diving trips underwater, we won’t recommend one doing so as it isn’t officially rated to the IPX standard or to the GoPro waterproof casings’ standard. Do note that if it going to be used in salt water, it is always good practice to rinse both devices with fresh water after usage.

IMG_4378_v1According to the box, the Removu Live View Remote has a battery life of up to three hours. As we will be putting the Removu through its paces, we will be checking up on that claim in time to come with a real world test. Besides that, we will also be testing out the viewing angles of the 2inch screen and relating to how it performs day in day out in the hands of an outdoor user. Do follow our blog and/or youtube to keep up to date with our updates



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