GoPro HERO4 New Firmware Update Specifications

GoPro HERO4 New Firmware Update Specifications

It has been sometime since GoPro made the community excited with news of them releasing a new firmware. Just recently, the guys at GoPro have made an announcement and released details on the upcoming firmware update for their line of Hero4 cameras. The catch it, this update is only for the “top of the line” Hero4 Black and Silver.

The new firmware will be available to Hero4 Silver and Black Edition owners next month, enabling new photo and video capture modes. Both owners of Silver and Black Edition Hero4 GoPro cameras will be able to experience a new feature tha

t enables users to automatically convert time lapses into  seamless videos. In addition to that, both Hero4 models will be able to capture 30 frames in six seconds with the introduction of their new burst mode.

Probably and possibly the best feature of the upcoming update to us would be the introduction of the “auto-rotate” function while recording videos for both models as well. With that, there is no need to enter the menu to enable upside down capture anymore, thus saving time setting up and having more time having loads of fun!

Sadly, not all changes will be available for both models as the only GoPro Hero4 Black Edition will be getting a major bump in video recording performance. Hero4 Silver Edition owners had their fun of instigating Black Edition owners with their built in LCD screen but now, Hero4 Black Edition owners get to shoot 720p videos in a whopping 240fps! No, you didn’t see a mistake in the figures there. That’s an additional 120 frames per second to the existing 120 making it a mindblowing 240fps which allows for better slow motion capture of your favourite action sport. Be it rock climbing, mountainbiking, taking up to the sky in your very own aircraft or even playing with nephews and nieces, GoPro Hero4 Black Edition owners will definitely have something extra to show their friends and family when showing off those moments of excitement. Other bumps in video recording performance for Hero4 Black Edition owners include 27k at 60fps and the ability to tag or highlight portions of captured videos.

Many of you guys out there (even us at Cameralah) right now are probably getting excited about this upgrade in firmware but an exact date for the release is yet to be confirmed. (Some have predicted it to be released in February). Fortunately for readers of our blog, we at cameralah will be keeping you guys updated on the firmware, the latest news and everything GoPro. We will be uploading our very own video  regarding the updates once released together with product tests and reviews. Till then, see you guys around and stay safe.

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