GoPro HERO4 Session and GoPro HERO4 Silver - Which is better for you?

GoPro HERO4 Session and GoPro HERO4 Silver - Which is better for you?

With the new arrival of the GoPro HERO4 Session, many of us are once again left in the dark when it comes to which model to go for, especially given that both the HERO4 Session and Silver are priced at the same price, yet have features that are so different to each other. In this article, we will go through these differences and provide our opinion on which action camera is the better fit for you. Read on for more

At first glance, the HERO4 Session really appeals to the eye. It is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the GoPro HERO4 Silver, and is encased with a fully waterproof matt black finish that eliminates the need for a separate housing. With its Dual Mic System, the Session produces the best quality sound among it predecessors, and its easy one-button control means that it is super easy to use even for a 3 year old.

If you've read our previous article on the pros and cons about the GoPro HERO4 Session, We highlighted a major dealbreaker of the Session could be its inability to record at 4k or even 2.7k. So yes, for the videography professional, you will not be able to take cinematic quality footage. That said, for most average goers, it still performs very well in Full HD recording at 1080p60 - Check out our sample footage during a recent Drift Karting Video test with Leona Chin

Other things that the Session lacks is that it doesn't come with a Live Preview Display like the HERO4 silver, has a non detachable battery, and also is only waterproof up to 10m, which is really quite impossible if you want to bring the session down during your next scuba diving trip (That however, can be easily fixed with a waterproof casing that is yet to be available in the market at the moment).

So what really is the GoPro HERO4 Session great for?

The biggest plus point of the Session is its size and ruggedness. Especially during activities where water and wind is involved, the Session allows for less water and/or wind drag, so your performance during activities will not be hindered.

Users that will benefit most from the GoPro HERO4 Session would be motorcyclists, car racers, snowboarders, skydivers or any other extreme sports enthusiast while performing stunts. The features that work especially well for extreme sports enthusiast include :

- Easy one button control : No need to fiddle with buttons especially when you're halfway through performing your stunt

- Dual Mic System : Captured great audio even during high wind and water based activities

- Auto image rotation : Corrects image orientation automatically during recording

- Includes low profile frame mounts for low profile angle shots

- Lack of LCD Live preview to allow for the session's tiny size works in favor for extreme sports enthusiasts since the live preview is not required during stunts

- Battery life is more than sufficient given that most stunts are performed within short periods of time.

- Rugged Exterior allows for longer lasting use without the need for an additional protective cover

What the GoPro HERO4 Silver is great for?

The HERO4 Silver is definitely our pick if you are looking for an all rounded action camera that is not just great for occasional extreme sports activities, but also for daily recordings.

The HERO4 Silver benefits users with its ability to record higher resolution videos and pictures, comes with a live preview screen so you can frame your shots better, and last but not least, comes with detachable batteries which means you can use an unlimited amount of batteries throughout the day to extend your filming time.


For the Extreme Sport Enthusiast, the GoPro HERO4 Session is really a Godsent. Not only does it help (a lot) when it comes to wind and water drag, it also has multiple features that allow for smooth recording during that short few minutes you have of filming that perfect stunt.

For the Average videography enthusiast, the HERO4 Silver provides more value for your money given its inbuilt LCD, higher video and image specs as well as the ability to replace your batteries for longer filming hours.

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