Introduction to Altek Cubic - Perfect Selfie Camera under RM400

Introduction to Altek Cubic - Perfect Selfie Camera under RM400

Altek Cubic –The Device perfect for Selfies

Today, picture taking has been taken to a whole new level or concept altogether, so to speak, as technology has enabled users worldwide to take pictures of almost anything anywhere from a different angle, height or depth with ease. Even the selfie trend as we know it has been become so common amongst youthful cultures and even adults. What better way to take the best selfie shots than with the limited edition selfie taking camera designed for optimum quality picture taking performance that is unlike any other camera in the market today?


Designed as a compact mini camera with dimensions of 52.5 x 45 x 26 mm, your altek cubic cameras can be brought almost anywhere, anytime as it also does not take too much space in your bag as well.



It is also has WiFi connection capabilities that will enable users to connect their altek cubic cameras to their mobile phones easily as your individual mobile phones can now serve as a monitor for what your altek cubic is viewing.  The Altek Cubic also has similar features to a normal camera which includes flash, zooming features, various picture-taking modes etc.  This would be easier for users to take better recordings with their cubic cameras as they are also able to choose the subjects they would like to focus on during their picture or video taking. Impossible shooting angles can now be achievable thanks to the Altek cubic camera being able to capture pictures from varying angles.


The Altek cubic camera has a resolution of 13 Megapizels which is quite high for a mini camera such as the altek. It allows users to take pictures of subjects in HD giving a clear final image for its audience.



Who is it good for?

With its outstanding features, who would be compatible enough for these cameras at the end of the day?  As we know, many ladies, especially in their teens, enjoy taking photos of themselves and constantly changing their profile pictures with the pictures taken, on social media apps such Facebook or Instagram for instance.


Thus, wouldn’t this be an awesome gift to get for your girlfriend or for an important girl that you may know in your life now?  For all the guys out there, if gift-shopping is not really your forte’, fret no longer! She’s sure to enjoy this little gadget, best of all, it doesn’t come at a huge cost!

As for couples who enjoying taking pictures together but find it difficult to do so due to difficult angles, rest assure that all your picture taking problems will come to an end with the help of the Altek Cubic compact cameras.

What type of SD card will you need with it?


Without the memory cards the altek cubic only has as Internal Memory of less than 50mb which is only able to take 2-7 Pictures before its memory is full. That’s not much at all!

So if you’re looking to get an Altek Cubic be sure to get a microSD card to go it. The size of your microSD card depends on the number of pictures you would like to store:

8gb SD Card – Approximately 320-1143 pictures
16gb SD Card - Approximately 640-2286 pictures
32gb SD Card – Approximately 1280-4571 pictures


The Altek Cubic is highly recommended for selfies as it enables users now to take their selfie picture taking skills to a whole new level. Besides, selfie is still an element of art in photography, so why not we take the best HD shots now with the Altek Cubic Compact Camera.



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