The wait is over! GoPro has just released their latest flagship product , the GoPro HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. It has been 2 years since the launch of the HERO4 cameras and we are way overdue for an upgrade. The HERO5 cameras is not like any of its previous generations, it has a whole new esthetic to it and we will be going over all its new specs and features here.



Waterproof Out Of the Box

The HERO5 does not require any form of housing for it to be waterproof up to 10 meters. This makes it much easier to replace battery, remove memory card and get access to the micro USB port. With the unneeded housing the GoPro HERO5 is much lighter and smaller in size comparing to the previous generations. There is also an optional Dive Housing for HERO5 Black (known as “Super Suit”)  that is suitable for extreme outdoor activities and deep-water diving to depths of 60 meters.  



Improved Frame Rates

HERO5 Session received the biggest boost in performance in GoPro history. The HERO5 Session is able to record in 4K at 30fps. This means that you do not have to compromise size for performance. HERO5 Black on the other hand has about the same specs as its previous generation but it comes with a 2” built-in LCD touch display. Improved image stabilization and audio makes it vastly better than its previous generations.



Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

The GoPro HERO5 has an in-built stabilizer which is a much needed feature. Do not expect this to function as well as a Gimbal but this will make recording on the move much better as your footage will be stable and smooth. The release of the GoPro Karma and Karma Grip further helps with image stabilization.





Voice Control

Another reason why GoPro improve their mic quantity on the unit is for voice control. Yes, you will now be able to take photos, record videos, burst shots and more without the hassle of pressing buttons but by just using your voice! The HERO5 cameras support up to 7 of the most common languages in the world and they would probably add more in the near future.





Audio improvement

One of the main complaints GoPro users have was that the audio quality on their GoPro was poor and somewhat unusable. This is all changed with the HERO5 camera. The HERO5 Black comes with not one, but three mics! And without the need of a waterproof housing, you know the audio quality will be absolutely amazing on the Hero5 Black and the same can be expected from the Hero5 Session.




The GoPro Hero5 Battery has been greatly improved. It now holds a capacity of 1220mAh. It will be compatible with the latest USB Type C is capable of rapid charging up to 3 times faster. GoPro HERO5 makes monitoring your battery much more efficient by providing exact battery percentage rather than battery bars.




The HERO5 Black seems like a combination of previous GoPro versions to allow users to get the full experience without compromises. There will be no buttons on the front, however the front LCD remains. On the back of the Hero5 Black, it comes with a 2” touch screen LCD but they have decided to remove the socket that was present in the older GoPro. You get a built-in lens protector. Instead of the circular shutter button, it is now square-ish. The overall color of the gopro has changed to grey and coated with a rubbery texture for better overall grip.


GPS Location Capture

There is a built in GPS in the GoPro HERO5 Black for tagging location data to a clip.

Capture the location where your videos and photos are taken, this will help you remember the exact locations of your treasured moments.



GoPro Plus

Now you are able to access and share your GoPro content wherever you are with GoPro Plus. Your GoPro automatically uploads your footage to the cloud and allows you create awesome videos on the go, hassle free. However there will be a small subscription fee this feature is currently only available in the USA



We are all very excited for this new release and there will be lots more from GoPro that we would just have to wait and see.



GoPro HERO5 Black




GoPro HERO5 Session


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