The Ultimate Stabilising Device - Feiyu-Tech Handheld Steady Gimbal Review

Want to shoot smooth on the move?

Everyone wants smooth video footage without the shaking and jerkiness of a regular handheld video camera. In the past, stable video footages can only be achieved if it was being filmed with big Steadicams, but not everyone wants to be seen wearing a huge chest rig everywhere they go. Now, the GoPro era has spurred a whole new generation of amateur videographers emerging with preferences for much smaller and more convenient ways to film high quality, stable footages.

One of the most popular gimbals at the moment is the Feiyu-Tech Stabilizing Gimbal. Renown for its association with the famed DJI Quadcopters (DJI uses the Feiyutech Gimbal in all its Quadcopters), The Feiyu-Tech Gimbal will not disappoint when it comes to achieving quality, stable footages. Most of all, unlike Steadicams, the Feiyutech Gimbals are portable and lightweight.

To see how the gimbal performs, check out our latest review video to find out what we think about the Feiyu-Tech G3, G3 Ultra and G4 handheld gimbals:



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Feiyu Tech G4 MSRP RM1900


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