Top 3 Tips on Choosing between SJCAM vs GoPro

Top 3 Tips on Choosing between SJCAM vs GoPro

While the GoPro has been, and still is the leader in Action Camera Sales, a big contender – SJCAM, known also as the ‘Xiaomi’ (of which GoPro = iPhone) of the Action Camera world, is coming up strong. Priced at a much cheaper price point - just about 1/3 of the GoPro, it also boasts some very decent specs. While it used to be known as just another GoPro knock off, the SJCAM is now building a name on its own as a credible action camera brand name.

Releasing in May 2016, Its’ latest model – the M20, is set to take the world by storm with inbuilt gyro stabilization, 2.5k resolution, and an optional watch remote to wear on your wrist. All that, plus you are still paying just 1/3 of the price you would pay for a GoPro HERO4 Silver.



Read specs of M20 

So is the GoPro really worth paying 3 times more in price? Here are some of our points on the main differences of the SJCAM and the GoPro:


  • Quality vs Price

While the GoPro outperforms the SJCAM when it comes to quality (Watch our SJCAM Comparison Videos), it is hard to ignore the price factor of the SJCAM. The SJCAM’s quality might be 70-80% that of the GoPro, but it is only 30% of the price!



  • Useful Features

GoPros are a preferred choice for most videography professionals due to features like Protune, which enables its users to colour correct their videos much more accurately during post production. The SJCAM has limited colour tuning features, but its latest models (SJ5000x and M20) come with inbuilt Gyro stabilization, and unlike most action cameras, all SJCAMs can also double up as Dash Cams (with video looping function).





  • Accessories

Both the GoPro and SJCAM share the same type of mounting head so you are able to use most of the mounts interchangeably. SJCAM comes with a few extra mounts within its packaging but its quality is inferior to the ones that GoPro provides. Unlike the GoPro, SJCAM does not provide multiple Backdoor configurations for different usages (Touch, Waterproof, Skeleton).



In Conclusion, the GoPro for us is still a top of the range camera that is proven to provide the best quality and with great features for post editing (Suitable for professionals). However, while the SJCAM doesn’t perform as well in terms of video quality, it works really well as an affordable multifunction camera for users that are seeking value over quality.


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