Top 5 Drone Safety Tips and Best Flying Practices

Top 5 Drone Safety Tips and Best Flying Practices

New to Drone flying? If the answer is a big fat Yes, then you’ll know what we mean when we say it isn’t as easy as it seems. For first timers, not only is it important to master some basic maneuvering skills with your drone, it is also very important to understand the safety precautions of flying a drone. So before flying, be sure to read up on the following top 5 Drone flying Tips and Best Practices

  • Avoid Dangerous Fly Zones

Drone flying pose real dangerous threats to you and your surroundings, so make sure you take the necessary precautions when flying your drone. Fly in a wide open space (especially if you are a beginner) and avoid hazardous objects including power lines, crowded spaces, and restricted zones. Be sure that you’re also familiar with our Malaysian Drone Laws


  • Avoid Flying in Bad Weather

Bad weather can really adversely affect your shots. Avoid flying your drones in Windy and/or Stormy conditions. Not only will you get unsteady footages, you may also risk your drone crashing down on you due to issues including signal losses due to weather conditions.


  • Practice Nice and Slow flying Movements

There is no secret to it, the key to flying well is to practice, practice and practice. Start by practicing in a large open space to minimize knocking into objects (And having to spend a fortune to get replacement parts!). Once you are familiar with the basic settings, fly nice and slow movements. For starters, master flying your drone from a low angle and slowly ascend upwards to get a nice flowing movement. You can also read our article on other essential drone movements


  • Plan your Shots before flying

Like most types of shooting, the best shots are achieved when properly planned. Plan out the position, direction and type of shot you plan to achieve before flying your drone to get the best effects. That said, don’t overplan and go with the flow if you spot something nice!


  • Get an LCD monitor

The best investment you can get when filming with your drone is to get an external LCD monitor for your drone. This ensures that you are able to see exactly what you are shooting – no need for any guesswork! LCD monitors comes included with each 3DR Solo Quadcopter unit that you purchase, alternatively, you can get an external LCD monitor to hook up to your DJI and other quadcopter devices.




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