Xiaomi Yi VS SJ5000 Plus Action Camera Comparison

Xiaomi Yi VS SJ5000 Plus Action Camera Comparison

SJCAM has for a while now has been a popular player in the low cost action camera market. Based on what we know about the Yi, we selected the SJ5000 Plus as the camera closest in its feature set. How do they stack up? Take a look at our quick chart;

 Xiaomi Yi VS SJ5000 Plus Action Camera Comparison

Losing out in very few categories, the Yi gives an amazing amount of value at less than half the price of the SJ5000 Plus. That said, the omission of an inbuilt screen on the Yi means that at least at launch it will be hamstrung with the latency associated with smartphone pairing. Xiaomi will probably have a HDMI based screen pairing solution but we will have to see how much that may add to the camera.

The lack of a screen also raises a number of questions about how the Yi will deal with the User Interface, making the wide range of shooting modes and features available easily enough fast enough. A problem that the SJ5000 Plus has far less to worry about.

Still, we are no less excited to see what the future has in store for the Yi. Check out our Xiaomi Yi versus GoPro Hero matchup and also our specification roundup for the Yi.

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